Back at it

Uh, remind how all this stuff works again?

Uh, remind how all this stuff works again?

For the past twelve weeks at my church, we’ve had ONLY two services on Sunday mornings – one at 9:00 and one at 10:15. This is, of course, a switch from our “full” schedule of five services on Sunday morning – two at 9:00, two at 10:15, and one at 11:30.

Before we get back to that schedule, we have a couple of weeks of four services – two at both hours – beginning today, which means that for the first Sunday in twelve weeks, my morning involved a lot of Running Around. Not only were we in two rooms, but we also baptized a bunch of folks. I’m pretty sure every ten-fifteen minutes or so, I remembered some detail or item that needed attention (this actually began around 6:30 a.m. when I was brushing my teeth). Except a few things that didn’t go as well as they could have, considering this was our first time in three months to sync rooms, it was a pretty good day.

But the funniest part of the morning had nothing to do with having two rooms.

At the end of the first service, the band(s in both rooms) came back on stage to do a closing song. As we were wrapping up the video feed on the headset, I looked up and noticed we were missing Acoustic Guitar. Electric Guitar was playing ganjo/six-string banjo for this last song, and I saw Worship Pastor gesture to him to move over to acoustic; and he did. And because our team is awesome & Electric Guitar is a pro, the song was fine and went off without a hitch.

As it turns out, Acoustic Guitar had gotten waylaid by some visitors, and he was nice enough to show them where to go, and just didn’t quite make it back in time. However, in the few seconds that Electric Guitar was switching instruments, and capo-ing the acoustic guitar, he looked like he had never picked up a guitar before in his life.1  Since Senior Pastor was praying at this point, I’m guessing not many people saw that moment. I was even told that Acoustic Guitar started to come on stage, peaking through the curtain on the side of the stage, but then backed out. All in all, it was a pretty funny moment. And in the second service, all hands were on deck and in the right place for the closing song.


1. It also reminded me of the TV show from the late ’80s/early ’90s, Quantam Leap – when the guy appears in a new situation/time period and has to figure out who he is, where he is, and what’s going on. Random, I know, but it was kind of fitting.

And because the internet, here’s the opening of the show with a much more detailed explanation:



#boothtweet again

I take pictures. A lot. It’s a Thing I Do, and I can’t help it. This Thing is completely intensified by the whole iPhone camera Thing/having my phone with me always. I don’t think I qualify as a digital hoarder, but I don’t necessarily share all of the photos I take. However, I almost always share at least one photo on Sunday mornings in the booth tweet. Yesterday, I posted one photo, but took a few others that I want to share.


Today was supposed to be an easy morning. Tall Sound Guy was around, we had no syncing song, and there was nothing in the service that was out of the ordinary. Generally, all of these things would combine to make for a straightforward sort of day. While the day worked out great eventually, most of the morning was a little bit crazy. I definitely ran around more than usual, and lots of things were just wacky.

The countdown timer can usually give me an idea of what sort of morning I’m having. For instance, if the timer says 19 or 20 minutes, and I’m walking, then my morning has likely been without incident and things are happening as they should. However, if the timer is in single digits, and I’m jogging/running/sprinting somewhere, then most likely, you should get out of my way (I’ve been known to inadvertently run over folks). This morning, I looked at the timer, it was under ten minutes, and I still had at least seven things to do in three different locations. Later, the timer was under three minutes, I was sprinting, and still hadn’t gotten everything done.

Thankfully, I had help aplenty, and everyone still had great attitudes despite the wackiness. Helper Elf, Sanctuary Sound Guy (and his unsuspecting friend/guest), Tall Sound Guy, et al. all made the morning much better. By the middle of the second service, I felt like things had sort of settled in, and since there were a few visitors in the booth, I decided to take a photo for the #boothtweet. Really, sometimes the Apprentices are well-behaved, and then other times… well, see for yourselves.

I couldn’t bring myself to use the second pic for the #boothtweet today because, well, just because it’s so completely ridiculous. But at the urging of College Pastor, I decided I couldn’t keep it to myself.

And in other news, I’m heading to Puerto Rico in hours from now. By the time this is posted, I’ll hopefully be boarding a plane. But for now, I’m using the blog to procrastinate packing. I don’t recommend this sort of tactic. Remember, I’m a professional.

Lay Me Down

Yesterday, we ended our services with a song called “Lay Me Down” from the latest Passion album (Passion: White Flag, 2012). Apparently one of our camera guys took this literally, as we had a mishap right at the beginning of the first service in the Sanctuary that resulted in our camera guy on the ground, and the camera nearly on the ground. Not surprisingly, this caused a bit of a ruckus in that service, but Sanctuary Worship Leader kept everything under control! Thankfully, everyone and everything was OK, but I should probably confess a couple of things:

1. I refused to believe Computer Papabear when he told me what had happened, and maybe spent about thirty seconds saying, “You’re kidding. You’re totally kidding, right?!?” For the record, I’m pretty sure that would not have been a funny joke anyway.


2. I may have asked if the camera was OK before I asked about camera guy.

To be fair, we had about five minutes before the image captured by THAT camera was supposed to show up on the screen in both rooms. And if that wasn’t going to work, then we needed a new plan. And quick. And I DID eventually ask about camera guy. I was extremely glad that our Camera Expert was serving as Sanctuary Sound Guy and was able to help get things aright.

Aside from that, I was glad to be back after missing last Sunday, and to make up for two weeks’ worth of booth tweets, here are a few pics from yesterday.

Eleventh Hour

Yesterday proved to be a bit of a crazy day, as it seems that I spent most of the morning running around, seemingly doing laps over our property. Thankfully, Tall Sound Guy was back in the booth, and despite some awkward moments in the first service, all went well. 

Perhaps I should have been prepared for a wild morning, because some of the craziness began before Sunday. Worship Pastor was sickly and sounded like a toad (said with truth AND compassion, fyi) for much of the week, so we called in New Worship Leader on Friday. Then Sanctuary Worship Leader texted me late Saturday night to say we still needed a percussion player for that room. Even though he wasn’t scheduled and it was his family’s last day at the church (I’m still in denial), we called Utility Instrumentalist at the literal eleventh hour, and he stepped up, as he always has, and filled a needed role. Have I mentioned I’m gonna miss that guy?!? Here he is for one last #boothtweet with Helper Elf:

I refuse to believe Utility Instrumentalist is leaving.

And now for one more picture. It is absolutely NOT uncommon for folks on our team to wear similar clothing (and for me to take photos of the phenomenon), but yesterday’s occurrence most certainly required documentation. Apparently, Worship Pastor is training the Worship Team Interns Apprentices in fashion, and is now requiring them to dress like him! And it seems that they’re taking this discipleship and training to heart 🙂

Love these guys!


Last week, my shoe broke (so of course, as suggested to me by a friend, I just HAD to buy some new shoes this week), but this week at the church, we were not immune to the Things Breaking Bug. In the Sanctuary (aka the Other Room), one chunk of our stage lights has been unreliable, refusing to stay on and only turning back on when the the breaker is flipped. On Sunday morning, these lights were behaving like a toddler, finding it ever amusing to continually turn off after I (and/or Papa) ran to the breaker to turn them on (and no, I do not attribute agency to these lights, it’s just a metaphor…).

Also, we use in-ear monitors, and most folks on our team have their own nice headphones (or “ears”) to use every week, but we also have an extra pair around just in case (plus mine, which I don’t use all of the time). Since we had a few lot of new folks playing this week, all of the extras were in use, and when one of our Female Worship Leaders realized her ears were messed up, I found a pair of not-so-nice-but-better-than-iPod-earbuds for her to use. As she was messing with them, she pulled one of the earbuds OFF, rendering them mostly useless. Thankfully, I was able to find her yet another pair of not-so-nice-but-better-than-iPod-earbuds for her to use, and even more thankfully, she didn’t tear those apart!

Finally, Worship Pastor was running sound this week, which left me free to lounge around, eat, and take photos in the booth worry mostly about production stuff and syncing and what not. Although it was a little odd not worrying about sound, this might be the wave of the future, if things work out the way we think… which probably means more #boothtweets. In any event, let’s hope the Things Breaking trend has officially ended!

Aaaand… we’re back!

After missing just one week at the church, it was great to be back. I was still on Central Time, so going to bed and waking up really early was, well, really early, but I thought the morning went well. It was great to back in the booth with College Computer Girl, and I really did miss our team last week. I do hate missing Sundays (even though last Sunday was great), and it always seems like it’s more than just one week when I miss. In fact, when I asked Little Drummer Boy if he had missed me, he said that it seemed like I had been gone twenty years or something like that. Gotta love that kid 🙂

We didn’t do a great job of syncing the syncing song, and once again, Senior Pastor was stopped mid-welcome in the Other Room and told to wait until our room was ready… of course, no one in our room had *any* idea that something funny (and maybe a teensy bit awkward) had just happened in the Other Room.

I’ve mentioned here before that I (and others) run around a lot on Sunday morning. And I think I’ve mentioned that I usually always wear heels. Yesterday morning, as I was making one of many treks across our campus, I noticed something strange about my shoe. I looked down… and it had broken. I was certainly still wearable, and kind of walk-able, but to me, six-inch wedge, broken, and shoe all sort of add up to a (possible) broken ankle in my book, so I went barefoot for a while. Thankfully a friend (a dear friend’s husband, also part of our tech team) was on the way to church and able to stop by my house to pick up a pair of fully functioning heels for me, and all was well.

I had planned to post a photo of the sad, broken (hopefully fix-able) shoe, but it appears I left them in the booth. In any event, we can all rest easy knowing that half of a pair of really cute wedges are managing things in the booth right now, and maybe I’ll update later with a pic.