Guitar Slide Wednesday: Robbie Fulks and Jon Langford version

It’s been a wild couple of weeks around here, what with all the traveling I’ve been doing… and I apologize for the sporadic posting!

But it’s Wednesday, and we all know what that means. Since I went to Chicago recently primarily to see Robbie Fulks and Jon Langford, I thought I’d feature them both today. Neither song is super-duper strong on the whole guitar slide thing, but both feature the pedal steel, and well, that counts for something.

The first video is “Rock Bottom, Population 1” by Robbie Fulks from Country Love Songs  (1996). The second is a song called “Secrets” from Freedom and Weep (2005) by the Waco Brothers, one of Jon Langford’s many bands.



Frequent flyer…

I’m looking at a lot of airport time in the next couple of months. I’m making a trip to Philadelphia for a conference in a couple of weeks, likely taking a quick trip to NYC in December, and possibly tagging along with Awesome History Goddess to Chicago for a conference in January.

Robbie Fulks at the Hideout this summer

And currently, I’m seriously considering flying up to Chicago for a show at the end of this month. Of course, this isn’t just any show: it’s Robbie Fulks and Jon Langford–at the Hideout on a Monday night. Fulks told me in an interview that he had never collaborated with Langford (who has collaborated with nearly everyone) because he (Fulks) was a contrarian. Apparently, the Monday night gig at the Hideout has de-contrarian-ed him, as now these two guys are sharing the stage on November 28 at (one of the) the best venue(s) in Chicago.

And I want to be there to see it. I’m even willing to risk the absurd temperatures that I’m sure the city will offer up. Of course, I can also chalk this up to research, as both of these guys have strong connections to Bloodshot. But really, I just want to see the show, which I’m certain will be highly entertaining and pretty much awesome.

Fabulous Chicago Actor and her Amazingly Talented Husband have been kind enough to open their home to me again for a night or maybe two. AirTran has a sale going on right now, but the flight would still end up being close to $300. Not bad, but not great for a grad student budget (especially considering the possible conference load coming up in the spring). But in the category of Rationalizing a Purchase, if I take this trip, then I’ll have enough AirTran points for a free flight. That’s totally worth it, right? RIGHT? RIGHT?!? Uh, I mean, I’m thinking about it.