Happy Friday Music Fun: Play it again!

For as long as I can remember, I have listened to songs over and over and over and over again. From taping (yes, taping) a song off the radio, and then taping it on to another tape, and then taping it back to the first tape again and again; to that first glorious moment when I discovered the repeat button on my CD player, I have listened to a lot of different songs many, many times in a row. Songs have attained Repeat Status for various reasons, and some have been on repeat for no good reason at all.

When I started using iTunes, I made a point of buying and/or adding select Repeated Songs and making various playlists of these songs. And since iTunes keeps track of how many times a song has been played, well, I can see my obsessive compulsive behavior in numeric form. While sharing the entire list or even the numbers for some of these songs on the blog seems unseemly, I’ll at least share a few of the songs that I’ve heard MANY times in my life here on the blog every now and again.

The song for this post is “Haphazardly” by the ever-dreamy Mr. Rhett Miller. I could talk about the lyrics of this song and its narrative arc, or the instrumentation and the lovely lead guitar work, or the effective build. Or how much I love Rhett Miller. Or how I subjected a former roommate to listening to this song way more times than she may have wanted. But I believe the song speaks for itself. So go ahead. Listen to it a few times in a row; I promise, you won’t regret it.


Guitar Slide Wednesday: Old 97’s version

Rhett Miller has a new album that came out yesterday. I haven’t purchased it yet, but I most certainly will purchase it very soon. This reminded me that although I pre-ordered the Old 97’s Grand Theatre, Vol. 2, I still haven’t spent much time listening to it. However, there is one particular song on that album, “The Actor,” that would be great for Guitar Slide Wednesday, but there’s no video that I can post for it. Here’s the Spotify link: Old 97’s – The Actor, but of course, that’s not exactly the way we do things around here for GSW. So, I’m posting another Old 97’s song that isn’t quite as fitting for Guitar Slide Wednesday. There is a guitar slide in this song, maybe a couple, but it’s not much compared to the previously mentioned song…

The video is a funny little story, and the song’s most prominent guitar slide is at the beginning of the song at 1:04.*

*The highlight of this video is easily the ever-dreamy Mr. Miller and his trademark windmill guitar strumming at 3:33 or so….

Confession is good for the… prospectus?

This past week or so has been pretty rough psychically (according to the New Oxford American Dictionary: of or relating to the soul or mind; I’m not struggling with my clairvoyance). I’ve complained publicly about the prospectus writing process troubles, but I sort of feel like I’ve hit a wall. Floundering is the word that comes to mind.* Or maybe stalled… Neither is good (an uncritical dualist assessment seems appropriate here).

And while its fun to blame Advisor or the system or, um, plate tectonics (cf. Rhett Miller’s song, “Singular Girl”: fair warning, if you click on that link, I guarantee you will not be able to resist the dreaminess of Mr. Miller. Carry on.), I need to accept the bulk of the blame. You see, what I have not been doing in the past month is reading and transcribing (as the GMD suggested, it’s always a good idea to get back to the primary sources). Considering I’m on this journey towards a PhD, the truth of this confession is bad (again, an uncritical dualist assessment seems appropriate).

Worship Pastor is big on attitude. It’s something that he has always emphasized with our team and something I know that he emphasizes with his cute little boys. And it’s something that I need to adjust. And following my own attitude adjustment in this particular area of my life, I need to Get Stuff Done, and seriously, there is more than enough to do.

So, if I actually believe what I’m saying here… I’m confessing that I need to re-commit to my project and take ownership of it. Even if it’s a lot more fun to wallow and complain about it.

*To flounder means to struggle or stagger helplessly or clumsily in water or mud. This definition reminds me of a music video/song I used to love: Faith No More’s “Epic.” The video ends with a flopping fish and a little piano solo (the fish is not exactly floundering, but this is my thought process and my blog, so there).