On the fly…


My typical view on Sundays

Things have been a little more laid back this summer at the church. This mostly has to do with our schedule (three services instead of four, rehearsals only on Sunday mornings, etc.) and our team’s availability (or lack thereof: vacations, mission trips, camps, etc.). Our fall schedule kicks in three weeks from yesterday, and I know there are a few things that need some detailed attention.

However, even with detailed attention, stuff happens; things don’t go quite as planned; or things don’t turn out exactly as you envisioned, regardless of planning. I’d say this is especially true at church, and even more true in a church environment with live syncing and video. For example, yesterday morning, we ended up being short one worship leader. I called one of our team members at 8 a.m. asking her to come sing (I’ve mentioned the implications of a phone call from me on a Sunday morning)… and she kindly obliged, showing up not very many minutes later, and sounded great in both services.

At another point in the service, we had to change our camera shot to show a large group of people gathered at the front of the room. Thanks to some miscommunication, our camera operator was not at the camera at this point, so our Sanctuary Sound Guy had to run over to the camera to make the adjustment. That worked out great, but when Senior Pastor returned to his normal location on stage, his head was no longer in the shot, which cut off exactly at his shoulders. Thankfully, this was during a prayer time, so most people in the room weren’t looking at the screen. Unfortunately, this was during a prayer time, and when I looked at the screen, I laughed out loud.

So there are certainly some things we need to work on, fix, improve, and adjust in the coming weeks. But in the meantime, again, I apologize for disrupting your worship experience if you sit near the booth.


Wait a minute….

One of our Worship Leaders referred to our opening song as the “syncing song” yesterday. I heard “sinking song” and was a little bit confused. However, she was referring to our first song of the day that both rooms do at the same time, and consequently need to finish at the same time. Thus, this song has to be “synced.”

In the first service, our syncing song worked out great, but in the second service, the Other Room went about thirty seconds longer than my room. As a side note, thirty seconds might not seem like a long time to you, but when you’re aware of every second and things need to be happening on stage and in different rooms, thirty seconds is an eternity. In any event, as our room was finishing the song, Senior Pastor began walking on stage. As the song finished, he began talking and doing the “welcome to our church today” piece, which is exactly what was supposed to happen. Except that the Other Room was still singing their song.

As soon as I saw Senior Pastor walking onto the stage, I knew what was going to happen, and I began talking to Worship Pastor on stage, telling him the Other Room wasn’t ready and that he needed to stop Senior Pastor. After a moment, Worship Pastor interrupted and said, “Senior Pastor, you need to stop.” Of course, Senior Pastor was slightly taken aback at this, and then Worship Pastor explained what was going on. And so we waited another fifteen or twenty seconds. Then we sent the live video to the Other Room, and Senior Pastor commenced with the welcoming and what not. He made a couple of jokes and it was all very, very funny, particularly since there was really nothing else we could have done at the moment.

And as an update from last week, Youth Intern ran the computer for us yesterday and instead of putting up my “Please help us stack chairs and move them to the right” slide, he made a new one that said “Please help us stack chairs and move them equally to both sides of the room” with an arrow pointing to both sides. And these clear instructions seemed to work!

Chairs on one side...

Chairs on the other side...