Guitar Slide Wednesday: Keith Urban Version, Take 2

Today’s Guitar Slide Wednesday needs some explaining. Lead Guitar (who has been known to play a slide or two himself) got an ganjo for his birthday. I’m not making up a word, I promise. It’s a real thing–a musical instrument whose name is a portmanteau, combining guitar and banjo… and that’s what it is–a six string banjo with a neck and tuning like a guitar. According to that ever-reliable source, wikipedia, the instrument is also called by a variety of names, including guitar banjo, guitjo, banjar, or banjitar.

Lead Guitar told me that Keith Urban plays this instrument (and also Taylor Swift). And since he played his ganjo last night in rehearsal, I decided I would feature Keith Urban (again) for today’s Guitar Slide Wednesday. At Lead Guitar’s suggestion, the song for today is “For You” from the recent film Act of Valor. This video features Keith and his band “performing” in the middle of a desert with clips and sounds from the film interspersed thoughout, along with well-timed explosions behind the band to add the drama of the video.

But all you really need to know is there is a serious slide around 2:50, marking the end of the bridge and leading into the guitar solo. To quote Lead Guitar, “This is Keith Urban teaching you how to do a guitar slide.”



Guitar Slide Wednesday: Current Country Star Version

I resisted the urge to put quotes around “country” in the title of this post, although I have no inclination to critique this artist in a way that I may have wanted to critique Famous Current Country Star in a previous post. While I could analyze my own views on this in terms of gender, notions (tropes, if you will) of expertise and authenticity in popular music, I’d really just rather get to the guitar slides. So, in any event, with the CMA Awards happening tonight, I figured it would be right and proper to feature a bona fide CMA star in the post today.

My familiarity with Keith Urban comes from Former Tennis Instructor & Roommate/Guitar Player/Soon-to-be Therapist and Lead Guitar. I may have mentioned that I don’t really listen to current country music, so what I know about him comes from these two who both rave about Urban’s abilities.

What’s fun about this video is that you get to see Keith Urban play several of the slides in the song. The song opens with a slide, the solo starts around 2:24, and there’s a nice slow slide right around 3:00 going into the outro. Enjoy!