Guitar Slide Wednesday: Youth Band Version

I’ve posted a few guitar slides from my church here on the blog, including this one from Lead Guitarthis one from Frequently Visiting Lead Guitar, and yet another from Lead Guitar. Well, it’s Lead Guitar again today, but this time he’s Lead Guitar/Youth Worship Leader. You may recall Bass Guitar was also Youth Worship Leader, but as often happens in a college town, he had to leave us (true story, sad story). So now it’s Lead Guitar filling multiple roles. Thankfully, he still finds time for guitar slides no matter what role he’s filling.

The song in question is called “Holding Nothing Back,” written by Tim Hughes and Martin Smith, and was the title track on Hughes’ 2007 album. This album is more well known for the song “Happy Day,” which has been recorded by pretty much everyone, including our worship team. “Holding Nothing Back” was also recorded by Jesus Culture on Consumed (2009), featuring Melissa How, and appears on 2011’s Jesus Culture Awakening: Live from Chicago featuring Chris Quilala. I think it’s kind of funny that the the phrase “holding nothing back” is not in the song, and the closest lyric to that phrase is “And nothing’s gonna hold me back.”

Our youth band played this song tonight, and coming out of the bridge, Lead Guitar/Youth Worship Leader did a pretty epic guitar slide.* There’s no way you can miss it, so listen and enjoy 🙂

*The pictures on the video are not from tonight, but they were all taken from the past few weeks (including last week when the band took a Wizard of Oz turn for Halloween).