Guitar Slide Friday: Lead Guitar Version Redux

Athens, GA is a college town, and though my church is not in Athens, it is connected to the university community. University communities are, I suppose, by definition dynamic – undergrads complete their degrees in four years (give or take a few years), graduate students come and go, and professors find new academic positions. And as someone who has lived here for over a decade, I have seen too many dear friends leave as they move on to the next chapter in their lives.1 

Well, Lead Guitar is moving on to his next Thing (but thankfully not leaving town, whew!), and so this past Sunday was one of his last with us for the foreseeable future. I’m quite glad I’ve had the opportunity to get to know him over the years, and I will miss seeing him regularly on Tuesdays and Sundays. He’s been faithful, he’s got a great heart and a great attitude, and probably most importantly, he appreciates my love of guitar slides and has humored me on more than one occasion. But while I’m sad, I’m also happy for him because this is a good opportunity. So in his honor, here are a few of his guitar slides that I’ve posted here on the blog…

Here’s one of the first (since I started documenting this sort of thing). The slide is around 0:11 and unfortunately isn’t very clear in the mix:

Two in one song!!!!

Perhaps the most fun one:

And my most favorite of them all:

1. It is not lost on me that there is a slim possibility that I will be a ‘mover on’ in the future, but I’m not going to dwell on that just now. I’ll think about that later… #professionalprocrastinator

I need a minute… and a guitar slide!

Things ended up being hectic from the time I walked into the building until the service began on Sunday morning. Thankfully, Tall Sound Guy was there, so I was free to run around like a crazy person and take care of a couple video things, plus we had baptisms and a syncing song. Even though I had been busy all morning, as the first service approached, I thought we had taken care of everything that needed to get done. As the first service began, I felt a little crazy, but was ready to go.

As it turns out, I had forgotten a couple of tech things, which made the baptism go not quite as smoothly as I would have liked. Nevertheless, we made it through the syncing song; the baptisms went fine; and we were ready for our second countdown timer for the worship set. As soon as we got both rooms going with their timers, I told Tall Sound Guy I’d be back. I took a deep breath and went to the bathroom. Once in the bathroom, I just stood there in relative peace and quiet for a couple of minutes to catch my breath (thankfully, no one was in there, and I didn’t have to cut in line).

And then I went back to the booth. And then ProPresenter crashed in the middle of a song. Which somehow made one of our videos disappear, and of course, cancelled our timer. Thankfully, we were able to get everything back up and running (College Computer Girl & Helper Elf are awesome; of course, we missed Computer Papabear!), and all was well. It was yet another week that we were all thankful for the second service!

And since it’s been months since the last Guitar Slide Wednesday, here are two slides played by Lead Guitar in the service during the song “Happy Day.” Enjoy 🙂

Did you hear that? It’s Guitar Slide Sunday!

I was looking forward to yesterday because it meant that we were one Sunday closer to this coming Sunday–a day that we will NOT have to sync ANYTHING since we’ll all be in one room. Although we’ve had two rooms only for the 9:30 hour for the majority of the summer, it will still be really nice to not have to think about it for one week, before the craziness of “fall semester” (and all that entails and implies; is it really that time again?!?) comes around.

After a few last-minute scheduling changes on Saturday, my Sunday morning went smoothly. I even had a few minutes to sit and listen to our bands rehearse, think about how great they are, and how much I appreciate them! There was a moment, however, when the countdown was nearing two minutes for the 9:30 service, and our entire Sanctuary team was still in our room. I watched as almost every single person stopped to talk to someone, or someone grabbed them and gave them a hug. I desperately wished they could hear me  yelling, “You CAN’T stop and talk right now! What are you doing?!? GET OUT OF HERE!” They all made it in time, although I believe the last person was walking into the room with seven seconds to go!

A most exciting part of the morning was when the band was running through a song called “I Lift My Hands,” and at a stop in the song, Lead Guitar (not our regular Lead Guitar, but a Frequently Visiting Lead Guitar, you might remember him from some camp photos) played a fantastic slide. So obviously, I recorded it and have posted it here (this has happened once before–remember?). One quick note about the photos in the video. The opening photo is NOT from yesterday, but it’s almost the exact same team that played yesterday (except for Female Worship Leader). The second photo is just funny from camp. It’s Frequently Visiting Lead Guitar’s gear (guitar and pedals), but it’s actually Lead Guitar, the person. Just wanted to clear that up. Now, enjoy this slide!

Guitar Slide Wednesday: Old 97’s version, take 2

The Old 97’s are one of my favorite bands (if not my favorite), and have been featured here before. I saw them at the 40 Watt this past weekend, so I decided to bring them back to the blog for Guitar Slide Wednesday. If you haven’t seen this band live, they pretty much rock, and it’s a great live show.

The following song isn’t my favorite, but when I saw Ken do this slide live, I knew this was the song for today! The audio on the video below leaves much to be desired (I assume this was filmed on a phone), but you can see the slide at 0:12. You also can see a nice, little, rock and roll kick from the long-haired (ever dreamy) Mr. Miller at 1:35. This is obviously early in the set/evening, as he is not dripping with sweat.

One other thing about this song that I really like–the usage of nonsense syllables. I’m a fan of nonsense syllables in songs, so long as they’re either catchy, clever, fun, and/or funny, and I think the ones in this song fit the bill. If you’d like to hear the song, here’s a spotify link: Old 97’s – Smokers* On this track you can hear what a great electric guitar song this is!

Enjoy, y’all!

*Spotify says that this track is from Drag It Up (2004), but it’s actually a live version from Alive and Wired (2005). Also, I have no idea what happens when I link to spotify. If you feel like it, click on it and let me know for future reference? K. Thanks.

Happy Friday music fun!

I’m completely out of control with this whole guitar slide thing. And since it’s not Wednesday, I decided to call it what it is: FUN! The slide at the beginning of this song cracks me up. It’s kinda over-the-top ridiculous and dumb, but I still love it. We’re doing this song on Sunday, and I’m guessing Lead Guitar will not be playing this slide…

The slide occurs about two seconds in, and I promise, if you listen to the first five or seconds of the song over and over, you will also fall in love this cheesy little slide!

Happy Friday, y’all!

Guitar Slide Wednesday: Happy Friday version!

We’re doing this song on Sunday, and I’m really excited about it… and although definitions are generally the purview of Worship Pastor, here is something to think about when you listen to the song:

furious, adjective
1. full of fury, violent passion, or rage; extremely angry; enraged
2. intensely violent, as wind or storms
3. of unrestrained energy, speed, etc.: furious activity

So here is a song that was featured in the very first Guitar Slide Wednesday. Enjoy the bass slides at 1:16 and again at 1:25:

Happy Friday, y’all!

Guitar Slide Wednesday: the Patsy Cline version

It’s really amazing what time can do… In the case of the artist featured in today’s post, time moved her from a threat to a legend. Patsy Cline was associated with the Nashville Sound, often described as the pop-ization of country music, and generally considered a Bad Thing for country music. However, with time, and since her untimely death, she has gained considerable cultural capital in both country and pop music lore.

I first encountered the song in the video below in the movie Coal Miner’s Daughter. In the film, Loretta sings this song in one of her first public appearances. In the version below, the intros feature lovely guitar-slide goodness. I pretty much love all parts of this song, especially the lead guitar. And, as I am wont to say, this song speaks to me.

As a postscript, I think it’s funny that in the lyrics of this song, the protagonist at one point indicates cheating and lying, and yet at another time indicates that she “lost him some way.”