Happy Friday Music Fun: Finally!

There are a few “hit” praise and worship songs that we have not done at my church. Somehow, these songs just never made it into the rotation, and now we never do them. Notably, this list includes “You Never Let Go” (Matt Redman, 2005), “The Stand” (Hillsong, 2005), and “Stronger” (Hillsong, 2007). More recently, we’ve never done “Your Love Never Fails” (Chris McLarney/Jesus Culture, 2008) or “Like a Lion” (Daniel Bashta/David Crowder, 2009).*

Another recent song that we’ve ALL wanted to do is “Forever Reign” (Hillsong, 2009; there’s also a version by Kristian Stanfill on the 2011 Passion album). We’ve tried to do this song at least twice in the past couple of years. It’s been on the set. It’s been rehearsed. But for one reason or another, the song didn’t make it to the music set in the service.

This Sunday we will attempt to address the “Forever Reign” shortage in our worship set. Having been in this position in the past, I will not believe that we’re actually doing the song until we’re actually doing the song.

Nevertheless, I’m really looking forward to it.

*Unless you count the one time that Bass Player/Youth Worship Leader did it on the Sunday after youth camp. Not that he doesn’t count, but we haven’t incorporated the song into our repertoire.