Guitar Slide Wednesday: This Sounds Familiar Version

We’re wrapping up a six-week sermon series at the church this week, and throughout the series, we’ve done two of the same songs each week in our music/worship set. That is, for six weeks in a row, we will have done both “Waiting Here for You” by Christy Nockels and “Awakening” by Chris Tomlin at some point in the service. Both of these are Passion songs from the 2011 and 2010 albums, respectively (I feel I must warn you, that Passion link automatically plays music when you go there). The incident where the band was playing in different keys happened while they were playing “Awakening,” but I’ve really enjoyed hearing how each of our different worship leaders sings “Waiting Here for You” each week.

“Waiting Here for You” has a nice little bass slide-in at 1:13, but as with many bass slides, you may or may not be able to hear it, depending on your speakers. So in honor of our band playing this song for the sixth time (twelve counting both services), and considering the fact that they might not want to play it again for a long, long time after this Sunday… Enjoy!

And even though it doesn’t really have any noticeable slides in it, and just in case you wanted to hear it again, here’s “Awakening,” too: