Writing things that are not part of my dissertation…

All of my writing efforts (well, except for this post) are geared towards dissertating these days, so my apologies for the lack of blogging here. After the California Closet wardrobe was installed in my bedroom, I got it in my head to finally take care of some other decor/decorating issues… with a trip to IKEA. Yes, it was a poor decision in the context of writing deadlines, sleep, etc., not to mention the requisite Putting Together of the Things purchased at the store. I still haven’t gotten around to assembling one large bookcase, and honestly, I have no idea when I’ll actually get around to that.1  But I have it, and one day, this bookcase will exist in assembled form to hold All the Books in my room. I did, however, assemble shelves to accompany my desk in the dining-room-turned-office.


The Laiva bookcases were $25 each, plus they matched my desk. And they were easy to assemble. Ukulele’s there just hanging out – not its permanent home.

To answer the age-old question, “How’s writing going?” I shall refrain from an overly dramatic response, and say I’m making progress.2  I have chunks of all four of my main (non-intro/conclusion) chapters. Two of them are incomplete and completely incoherent, and two of them are approaching complete and flirting with cogency. I hope to turn in one of the incoherent chapters early this week (hopefully in an improved state), leaving one mess of a chapter to turn in the next week (again, hopefully in an improved state). All the while, I need to revise and re-work the other chapters. The goal has been to have a complete draft by spring break, which is frighteningly soon. I’m certainly not holding my breath at this point, but I haven’t ruled it out just yet either.

1. As a professional procrastinator, I have a decent idea of how much I can actually procrastinate and still (sort of) get stuff done in a timely manner. The assembly of this shelf generally exceeds my procrastination windows of time.

2. E.g., this. Or maybe this.

My very own California “closet”

Once upon a time, there was a space in my room filled with a dresser, CDs, and a bunch of stuff.1 


Yup, a dresser, a bunch of CDs, and Stuff…

And then one day, I wanted new shoes from Off Broadway Shoes, but instead, I won a closet from California Closets. I opted for a wardrobe with hanging space, shelves, and large drawers over a closet makeover.

I also decided to have them re-do the shelves in my linen closet!

I still haven’t quite gotten used to the Very Large Wardrobe, and I’m still working on figuring out what things go where, but I’m quite excited to have more usable storage space in my room. Whaddaya think?

1. Why yes, that IS a boom box on top of that dresser!

I fail! I win! (again)


California Closets – hopefully I’ll end up with more than one organized shelf…

I mentioned in a previous post that I’m a WINNER, thanks to a grand opening contest from Off Broadway Shoe Warehouse. My prize is a “closet solution” from California Closets up to a certain amount of money.1 I signed the legal paperwork agreeing to accept the prize (and pay the requisite taxes, of course), so now I’m waiting for my California Closets consultant to contact me to set up an appointment.

The impending professional organization consultation has motivated me to do a bit of pre-emptive cleaning out, and I took a few boxes of clothing and various other items to the Habitat ReStore today. Plus, an “organizing solution” couldn’t come at a better time, since I currently have a roommate, which means I had to move shoes Stuff from my walk-in closet (aka spare bedroom) in to my bedroom.

In the losing category, I’ve been applying for academic jobs, and I received my first official rejection email.2 Let’s be clear here: I fully expect to not get offered an academic job for 2014-2015 (yes, the whole academic job process is long and drawn out and quite unlike the real world). In fact, I have not even emotionally prepared for the possibility of being offered a job and subsequently leaving Athens. Nevertheless, the first rejection email (of many, I’m sure) seems worthy of mention. I didn’t really want to move to Kalamazoo anyway.


1. Based upon this company’s website and likely price points, it’s possible that I will receive a three-shelf bookcase for my winnings.
2. Academics who wish to teach at the college level are generally at the whim of the academic job market. That is, getting a job requires a match of schools needing a musicologist, particularly one who specializes in a particular area or time period, and a location that the prospective employee would be willing to move (because it’s generally not the place one earns his or her PhD)… and no, there really aren’t that many, and yes, it actually works out sometimes (I think).