Today’s Church Service Brought to You by…

Apple. OK, well, not really, but sort of. Considering what we do each week with two rooms and live syncing, technology is simply a part of our services. And a lot of that technology comes from Apple.

Yesterday was no exception. In fact, we had even more Apple products in use than usual, I think. You’ve seen my laptop that plays music and records the service. Well, we also have an iMac in each room that runs ProPresenter, and my whatever generation pink iPod plays music in the sanctuary. But I am happy to report that my other laptop was to put to good use yesterday, so we could show our speaker’s sermon points.

In other news, I’m thrilled to have a little break from doing four services/two rooms for the next few weeks. Will there even be anything to post on the post-Sunday post? Oh geez, knock on wood, now 🙂



I have a ridiculous not-really-a-problem problem. And it’s so absurd and privilege based that I had to use the tag in the title… So here it is:

I have a lovely 13-inch MacBook Pro. It was the machine that I purchased to be with me through the entire dissertation thing. It’s cute, relatively light to carry around, and really all that I need in a computer and more.

As a part of that whole end-of-the-fiscal-year spending frenzy that happens at the University, the director in the program I work for bought new laptops. So now, I also have a University barcoded15-inch MacBook Pro. Go ahead and start/keep rolling your eyes. I know.

The new laptop is running Lion (it came with it), and my laptop is running Snow Leopard for one reason and one reason only: iCal. I HATE iCal in Lion. I really need to see the entire month+next month when I’m looking at my week in view. I have a poorly developed sense of time in general and really, I like being able to see the month… Yes, yes, poor me.

I’m a big fan of Apple, but I can’t believe that it’s taken this long to get my to-do items to show up somewhere on my iPhone. So, I’m thrilled to see the Reminders app that came out with iOS 5.

But here’s my not-so-problem-y problem: with iOS 5 and iCloud, if I choose to backup my phone using iCloud (and I’d like to), I need Lion on my laptop. Which brings me back around to the stupid iCal thing. Of course, several folks have suggested that I sell my laptop and use the school one for as long as I can, which would force me to deal with Lion iCal.

I know, I know, there are also other calendar solutions, and I could use the gmail calendar. But I don’t want to. I want the Snow Leopard version of iCal. And I want to use iCloud.