At one point in my life, I had several jobs related to music in some way, and this was a blog about all of them. That included stories about being a graduate student and pursuing a PhD in musicology (and finally obtaining that PhD), stories about being a piano teacher, along with the adventures of working at a church. And because I really like music, there is music here, too. But I actually got a full-time job in academia, and uprooted my life and moved to Nashville, TN.

For my entire life, I’ve also honed my skills in procrastinating, which is one of the reasons I started this blog. Here, I can write about writing, or not writing, as it were, and feel as though I’ve accomplished a very small something. And then I can look back and see the progress I’ve made, or not made, and perhaps adjust accordingly. This is also a space to tell stories about some of the other parts of my life and talk about music that is not necessarily related to my research and dissertation.

And in case you were wondering, the header photo is of the Korean Veterans Bridge over the Cumberland River. I drive over the this bridge going to and from work every day.

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