Moving updates



The Fall Faculty Workshop for all full-time faculty members

Several folks have asked about my moving plans, so I thought I’d procrastinate packing update the blog & let y’all know what’s going on!

I spent the past few days in Nashville for faculty meetings, workshops, and trainings. I’ll admit that walking into the Curb Event Center on Monday morning for the Fall Faculty Workshop was intimidating. Imposter syndrome is real, y’all. We were assigned tables, and I was with folks from marketing, pharmacy, occupational therapy, and sports science. Everyone was nice, although one of the older guys was stereotypically & entertainingly jaded and cynical (so much so that one of the other guys at the table pulled me aside and said, “This really is a great place to work.” I wanted to tell them all, “You people have no idea what it’s really like out there!”), but I digress. Once things got going, it was as exciting as you might (or might not) imagine. It also helped that I quickly saw one of my sorority sisters who has been on the faculty at Belmont for over a decade!

Day two was the College of Visual and Performing Arts “Fall Retreat,” which was a much smaller group. This event was held in the room where the International Country Music Conference is often held, and felt much more comfortable. I met several School of Music faculty, and the high point was that we sang the Doxology for the blessing for lunch. The low (but necessary, I suppose) point was the active shooter training.


The Belmont Bell Tower and Carillon – yes, there is a musical instrument housed in this structure!

This morning was the School of Music faculty meeting. I got to meet more of my colleagues and see more of the facilities where I’ll be spending my time. There are lots of changes afoot at Belmont and specifically within the School of Music, and everyone seems (mostly) excited about all that’s going on. Also, I’m encouraged by how nice the folks are, and how competent the administrators seem. If you’ve been in any educational setting, you know how important that is.

I am in the process of signing a lease, and am excited about living in East Nashville. I definitely felt judgment from non-East Nashville folk (Belmont & Vandy are on the other side of town), but I feel good about the decision. I’ll be in very close walking distance of a couple of restaurants, and practical walking distance from Five Points.

The plan is to finish packing and tie up loose ends in the next couple of days, load up the U-Haul on Friday, get my place ready to AirBnb, and then after church on Sunday, head to Nashville with a few close friends who are helping out! If you need me in the next couple of days, I’ll be sitting on the floor in one of the rooms of my house freaking out and maybe packing.


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