Six years ago, I was with my friend (referred to as Violin Doctor in blog posts past) in Jacksonville, sitting in EverBank field watching the pre-game festivities for the Georgia-Florida game.

On a late Thursday evening/early Friday morning, I finished my second comps essay, and emailed it to Professor (who happened to already be in Jacksonville for the game), and commenced with packing. Violin Doctor picked me up Friday morning, and after a few minutes on the road, I realized I had forgotten my ticket at home. We turned around and tried again.

After (eventually) arriving in Jacksonville, two things stand out (as I have mentioned previously): I had to write a proposal for ICMC that night, and the guacamole at Cantina Laredo was amazing. That year’s game? Eh, not so much. But the series did take a turn for the better after that year.

So much has changed since 2010; Dad’s death in 2013 by far outweighs even my long-awaited graduation. I still don’t have the full-time tenure-track job that I assumed would be mine by this point… But life isn’t just about jobs, and I have experienced an abundance of grace and love (and more sleep, and provision) since comps way back when, and for that, I can only be glad.


EverBank Field in Jacksonville, FL (2010)

Go Dawgs.


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