Old News

I have a hole, er, square hole, in the ceiling of my dining room/desk area. This square hole was cut some time in November – I don’t exactly remember the date as the end of the year was a little crazy, what with getting a PhD and all. Yes, I finally graduated from college. I passed the defense, made revisions like crazy (including en- vs. em-dashes and re-worked musical examples), and got the paperwork to the grad school on time. After many, many years, I am no longer a graduate student.

More about that later – for now back to the square hole in the ceiling.

The square hole was made by plumbers who fixed a leak. I was told by the plumbers to leave the square hole open for a week or so after they fixed the leak, just to make sure the leak was, indeed, fixed. But this timeline meant I needed to schedule the Ceiling Fixer Guy after my trip to Puerto Rico. The Ceiling Fixer Guy could not come the week after Puerto Rico, and then I was out of town for Thanksgiving. Add the snake fight/defense/final revisions of the dissertation into the mix, graduation, plus traveling for Christmas, and today, I still have a square hole in my ceiling.


The week after the plumbers cut into the ceiling and fixed the leak, my piano students were all very curious as to why the ceiling now had a square hole in it. In fact, several students asked many, many questions about the ceiling and plumbers repeatedly.

Nearly two months later, I resumed piano lessons this week, and you know what? Not one of my kiddos mentioned the square hole at any point in their lesson. The square hole is officially Old News to them. In fact, instead of being alarmed, I myself have grown rather fond of gazing up into the plumbing and duct work of my drop ceiling.1 

Considering this is the first blog post of 2015 and my first post as a PhD, I feel obligated to make a brief commentary of the Old-News-ness of the square hole and having attained the (quite long-awaited) PhD. As you might know, for many years, I have been focused on completing this danged degree. At some point toward the end, completing the degree meant working diligently to do all that the Advisor and Committee requested (OK, nearly all they requested).

I have heard PhD’s talk about the post-dissertation slump or depression after graduation. Before I finished, I sort of understood, but was pretty sure it would not happen to me (I just wanted to be done with it, after all). Now that I’m a whopping twenty days from graduation, I can see how such a thing might happen. Slowly but surely, being focused on the dissertation and the Committee becomes Old News – the square hole in the ceiling that just is – and when the Committee is no longer the Boss of me, and the Dissertation rests comfortably in unopened files on the hard drive – things are a little strange, uncomfortable even. You know, change is hard and all that.

There are NO WORDS to describe how happy/relieved I am to actually have a PhD (and a completed dissertation).2  Really, none. And while I’m not quite used to having a PhD just yet, I’m pretty sure I like it – ahem, that’s DOCTOR, thankyouverymuch. In any event, here’s to a new year, kicking the Old News to the curb, and um, getting my ceiling fixed.


1. I mean you didn’t expect me to get it fixed promptly, now did you?
2. The piece of paper still hasn’t arrived in the mail, so it’s still entirely possible my PhD is all a hoax. A sad, mean, sorry hoax.


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