The most wonderful time of the year…

I moved to Georgia for warmer weather.1  Most of the time, it’s worked out OK for me, and it’s generally warmer here than in Kentucky. In fact, it snowed in Lexington, Kentucky last week (and has snowed A LOT there this year), so I’m glad that I missed that. However, for at least the past four weeks, I’ve sort of believed that it was Spring here in Georgia. Since this wasn’t actually the case, it has been sorely disappointing for me pretty much every time I’ve walked outside.


Until yesterday! Yesterday, the temperatures ventured into the 80’s, and today was the same. And so, I’m wearing skirts, and have pretty much instituted my all-skirts/dresses-all-the-time policy. It’s not that I really dislike long pants (or shorts for that matter), it’s just I prefer to wear skirts and dresses. In hot weather, skirts and dresses are cooler, and really, this is what populates my closet.

In addition to freeing my legs from the tyranny of pants this week, I’m wearing blue every day BECAUSE THE FINAL FOUR. Believe it or not, I have enough (Kentucky) blue clothing and t-shirts to make this happen until the game Saturday. And I’m totally prepared to do laundry to re-up for the championship game, should the need arise. Go Cats.


1. Relatively warmer weather. It’s not like Lexington, Kentucky is the frozen tundra or anything, but when I began looking for grad schools, I knew I wanted at least “warmer” weather. I much prefer oppressive heat to being cold. To each her own, eh?


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