Home sweet… madness?

The past two weeks have been full. I have driven over 3000 miles, been in seven different states (Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Tennessee, Kentucky, and of course, Georgia), and have seen over 25 bands play live, including the one and only George Strait last night. I also presented at a regional musicology conference, and somehow managed to work all of my jobs a few days here and there in between.1 

In the meantime, it’s one of my most favorite times of the year: March Madness! It’s when I find myself doing research on schools like Wofford and North Dakota State (and not because they have a musicology job opening), and of course, cheering on the ‘Cats!2  Typically, I watch a great deal of college basketball throughout the season; I usually watch every Kentucky game, but I also generally ‘keep up’ with the top 25. This year? Er, not so much. The whole dissertation thing really put a damper on my basketball watching, so I did quite a bit of guessing last-minute research for my bracket.

In any event, I’m quite glad to be home, and tired more than sums it up. I hope to post a couple of SXSW recaps in the near future… but first I have to work on the dissertation.

1. This sort of includes the most pressing of jobs these days: writing the dissertation. The conference paper was taken from the Very Difficult (to write and organize) Chapter, so in revising and revising and revising the conference paper and presentation, I was basically working on the chapter. See? Sort of.

2. I can’t remember a better, more stressful Kentucky game than the one I just watched/endured.


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