My very own California “closet”

Once upon a time, there was a space in my room filled with a dresser, CDs, and a bunch of stuff.1 


Yup, a dresser, a bunch of CDs, and Stuff…

And then one day, I wanted new shoes from Off Broadway Shoes, but instead, I won a closet from California Closets. I opted for a wardrobe with hanging space, shelves, and large drawers over a closet makeover.

I also decided to have them re-do the shelves in my linen closet!

I still haven’t quite gotten used to the Very Large Wardrobe, and I’m still working on figuring out what things go where, but I’m quite excited to have more usable storage space in my room. Whaddaya think?

1. Why yes, that IS a boom box on top of that dresser!


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