Writing a dissertation is hard. Actually, I guess writing anything well is hard. It’s even harder when you end up having to take a month or so off from writing, and even harder when you still don’t exactly know what you’re supposed to be writing specifically. I feel as though I’m just getting back in the swing of things (even though this “swing” is still sad more frequently than I care to admit), but it has been incredibly difficult finding my way with dissertation writing these days.

A big, fat mess of stuff

A big, fat mess of stuff

I’ve been paralyzed by the General Mess that is all the stuff I’ve already written. I was really encouraged when I decided to go through what I’ve written thus far because there was quite a bit of it. And that encouragement lasted for like a second, because then I realized how much work it will be to make ANY of those many pages make any sense. I worked on eight pages last night, so I guess that’s a start, but it looks like I’m back to eating elephants.


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