IMG_5746My father passed away suddenly almost two weeks ago. He was 65 and quite healthy; it was very, very unexpected. I have found that clichés and aphorisms have actually been useful and true during this time. It did feel like a (bad) dream; much of the time immediately surrounding his death was surreal; it has been much harder after the funeral; I found myself giggling at an inappropriate time; and really, there are only so many ways one can say, “I’m sorry for your loss.”

Now that I’m back in Georgia resuming “normal” life (whatever that is, of course), I’m finding that a lot of things aren’t seeming quite “normal.” For a small example, this blog. It seemed quite silly to try and blog about dad’s death and anything associated with it, but it also seemed a little silly to not say something about it. So here it is. I’m blogging about blogging about it, which seems appropriately strange.

However, I lack the wherewithal to go on and on about dad, or to say something meaningful enough and/or important enough. I thought about talking about how he loved Jesus, how he taught me to love books, how he introduced me to laissez faire economics when I was really young, how I blame him some for my night owl tendencies, or how he really believed that I was smart and could accomplish anything I wanted. Instead, I’ll just say that I miss him, even though I’m grateful for the time I had with him; and through all this, my family has felt quite loved, cared for, and prayed for. So to those who have offered kind words, prayers, messages, phone calls, food, drink, support, flowers, etc., thanks 🙂



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