Play it again, again

It’s no surprise here that I like music. I like it a lot. I think it about it regularly. I am frequently overwhelmed by it. I listen to it often. I have also spent the majority of my life doing music in some way or another. Directly and indirectly, music is how I pay my bills and eat (and consume music. And buy shoes.). I also like to listen to the same song/piece over and over and over again, on repeat. This means that my iTunes (more often than not) has the “repeat one” option engaged. It’s quite convenient for my obsessive (compulsive?) listening habit.

I also use my iTunes (on my laptop) at the church each week – to play pre/post-service music and to record the sermon. Usually, I remember to disengage the “repeat” option when I begin the pre-service music on a Sunday morning. Usually.

This past Sunday, I forgot. I started the first song on the playlist, and proceeded with my Sunday morning tasks. At some point shortly thereafter, I left the room for quite a few minutes. I remember looking at the song (“God’s Great Dance Floor” by Chris Tomlin – OK song, terrible title) and thinking it was a long-ish song. However, I distinctly recall walking back in to the room, hearing the song, and thinking, “This really IS a long a song.”

As the first service was ending, I hit play on my iTunes, and began to fade in the post-service music (well, pre-service music for the second service). Approximately five seconds in to the song, I realized it was the same song. Again. It had played at least five times before the service! I quickly started a new song and changed the repeat option on my iTunes.

No less than four people on our team mentioned it to me between the services. Maybe next Sunday, I’ll remember to check the repeat option before I play the pre-service music. However,  I’m pretty sure I know one song that I’ll leave off the playlist for the next few weeks.


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