Lazy Saturday

I really don’t like going to the grocery. Slightly related, I am often quite lazy when it comes to feeding myself. It’s true, and you can go ahead and judge. I’ve eaten more “meals” of chips because I lacked the wherewithal to deal with the two-plus steps required to microwave a frozen meal. I will add here that as an exception, I have recently taken to cooking as a form of procrastination. I mean, I’ve gotta eat, right?

Anyway, when the grocery dislike combines with the laziness in food prep, the result is that I regularly don’t have <insert important food item> in my house. The one item that will force me to go to the store is… half and half (let’s just please understand that I always have coffee in the house). But even the half and half exception isn’t foolproof. Case in point, yesterday I used the last of my half and half and added ‘going to the store’ to my to-do list. But I didn’t go. I was even out and about near the grocery, but I chose instead to stop in a place to check out a shoe sale. And then I went home, intentionally avoided the grocery.

This means that I’m having my first coffee at a coffee shop many a few hours after waking up. My barista was pretty proud of adding this latte art to his repertoire, so I thought I’d share it:


In other news, I’m working on my last tasks for the Writing Intensive Program, as I will meet with my Director on Tuesday to hand over All the Stuff (including the laptop). One of the last tasks involves dealing with the student evaluations of their WIP classes and TAs. Two items to note:

1. From a professional standpoint, “Meh” in the the “Please elaborate” section wasn’t really what we were looking for. Otherwise, it made me laugh.

2. Using hash tags in the “Please elaborate” section also made me laugh, but it also made me question your credibility. Especially when you used #flawless to describe your writing.

Happy weekending, y’all.


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