Drowning. Paralyzed.

Yes, it’s possible that I’m being overly dramatic and exaggerating, only slightly, I think, but these two words, used metaphorically, might best describe my state of mind today. I have hours upon hours of interviews that need to be transcribed. I have totally missed at least one recent self-imposed/Advisor suggested deadline. I’m staring at the calendar wondering how it’s now July 8 and in over a month, “Fall” happens. When you live in a college town, everything is dictated by the academic calendar (well, when you live in a southern college town, everything is dictated by the football schedule). Things at the church are about to pick up a lot, and I’m thinking of all the things we need to do to get ready for that; staring at planning center thinking about filling all those slots through the many Sundays this fall. I’m blinking with the cursor on my word documents wondering what the heck I’m saying, trying to say, or not saying at all; wondering where to stop and where to start. I’m looking at how very soon it’s December and how that’s the self-imposed deadline for having a draft of everything. And I’m feeling overwhelmed.

Yes, I know. One bite at a time. Just do it and all that. I’m generally a pretty rational and calm person, and I always get things done. But right now, I’m doing laundry (and er, finally unpacking from my Chicago trip), and I’m going to sit here for a moment and freak out a bit. And then get back to it. One bite at a time.

For the record, I’m a vegetarian and have no intention of eating an elephant. The title of this post is “Metaphors.”


One thought on “Metaphors

  1. dad showed me your words, you will get it done.l i have no doubt,. so proud of all you accomplish. by the way, i don’t eat elephant either. dad and i send all our love

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