My kind of town

It’s that time again. I’m going to Chicago tomorrow for what will hopefully likely maybe be the last official dissertation research trip (whatever that means). I have two interviews lined up, an appointment at the Chicago History Museum, a visit to Bloodshot, and a carrel at the Chicago Public Library waiting for me. I plan to attend several shows, including this festival for the third year in a row, and of course honky-tonk happy hour! There’s also a cutie newborn (belonging to Fabulous Chicago Actor & Husband) that I can’t wait to meet!

Last year's poster for A Day in the Country at the Hideout

Last year’s poster for A Day in the Country at the Hideout

Of course, I haven’t packed or really done much in preparation for the trip, which explains why I’m blogging and contemplating going out for dinner. Especially since, after meeting with Advisor today, her primary advice was to write. And write some more. And keep writing (tonight we shall believe that blogging counts).

So, you know the drill. Prepare to be inundated with lots of Chicago pictures and posts, followed shortly thereafter by great lamentation regarding interviews, transcribing, and yes, writing.


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