Writing appointment

The past two weeks were full, but not full of writing and/or research. I haven’t really written anything substantial related to my dissertation since I sent Advisor a draft of a chapter… well, unless you count emails (yes, let’s) and some free writing over at 750 Words (my points total for June is already abysmal). Oh, and I did actually send Advisor a draft of a chapter. It was awful, and mostly, it didn’t really do what I said it was gonna do; not to mention I left out one complete section. But it was something, and sometimes, something is better than nothing.

I got the Very Tall Nephew back to his parents, and survived the return of multiple rooms/services at the church yesterday. Now it’s Monday, and my writing appointment is approaching. I’m greatly contemplating doing just about anything else, but I know I need to get back in the swing of writing things… particularly since I’m supposed to have another chapter draft written by the end of the month [cue panic and procrastinating].

Just to make things a bit more exciting and even more challenging, I’m going to Chicago next week. This means, I need to do a significant amount of writing before I leave (as the month will be basically over by the time I get back), plus line up/confirm interviews and appointments in Chicago. Piece of cake, right?


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