Camp at the Beach 2013 version

There hasn’t been a post-Sunday post in quite a while, and this week, I’m filling that spot with the post-camp post. Yet again, we headed to Myrtle Beach for a week of camp.

The view from our room was OK, I guess....

The view from our room was OK, I guess….

And yet again, we turned the conference room Palladium B into our meeting and worship space for our (youth) Camp at the Beach. Things went much smoother on ALL fronts, as this was our third time doing camp at the beach and being in the room. Much work was done on the front end (more organized and much quicker), and once we arrived at Myrtle Beach, Lead Guitar turned Production Guy had a plan.

Set up seemed to go pretty quickly, and we also had some help from a few awesome senior guys. Unfortunately, because the screen was hung differently, we ended up having to play the fun game of raising truss, lowering it, moving it, and raising it again, and then starting all over again in order to get the projector just right.

The theme of camp was Unexpected.

The theme of camp was “Unexpected”

The Youth Band was led by former Youth Worship Leader (and former Bass Guitar). I hadn’t seen him in a bazillion years (ok, ten or eleven months), and it was great to see him. The band (of course) sounded amazing, although there were no funny costumes this year.

The band! These folks are awesome.

The band! These folks are awesome… and also arranged by height!

The electric player was new-to-us, but he won me over pretty quickly with some epic guitar slides. It’s a shame that I didn’t record any of those slides to share. However, as a side note, Lead Guitar has an EP coming out really soon, and there just might be a guitar slide from that to share…

We loaded up pretty quickly, and thankfully, the trip home was uneventful… although apparently, one of the vans (full of teenagers) had a flat tire on the way home. All in all, it was a great week. The Very Tall Nephew went, and it was fun getting to see him throughout the week. I think he had a good time, but probably not nearly as much fun as he’s having working with kindergarten boys at Vacation Bible School this week.

My church always does youth camp immediately followed by VBS at the very beginning of the summer. I like this schedule for a variety of reasons, but it certainly makes for a pretty hectic two weeks. In any event, we’re two days in and it seems like everyone’s surviving. Two down, three to go!


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