I have been involved with the Writing Intensive Program at UGA for the past five years. As I heard one professor say in one of our faculty meetings, “I drank the kool aid and I’m a believer.” It’s true. The foundational principles of the program strongly align with what I learned about writing at my small, private, liberal arts, undergraduate institution; and seeing the program in action (and reading ALL of those student evals) have convinced me that every course could benefit from what we do in the WIP. Plus, I love our Director (aka my boss): she’s brilliant, with it, not crazy, and I have always viewed her as an academic role model.

So it’s with a bit of sadness that my time with the program is coming to an end. I have just a few more tasks to deal with before I’m officially not associated with the program any longer. I have some tweaks and additions to make to the website, and a mountain of student evals to read, code, and record. But after that, I will turn in the Extra Laptop, and move on to the Next Thing (you know, the whole Writing a Dissertation thing).

But there’s one thing that I will NOT miss. Not even a little bit. For the past three years, I have subscribed to a listserv for writing program administrators that I read and keep up with for my boss. It is quite possibly the Worst List Ever. To say that the list is “high traffic” is an understatement. I receive the list in digest format (several emails compiled into one message), and even in this format, it is not uncommon to receive up to three or four emails a day… each containing up to fifty messages each. The amount of messages is overwhelming, but what is worse is that many of the posters will reply to a digest message without any editing–meaning that their three-line message is followed by the fifty messages that originally appeared in the digest, and so on. This makes nearly every digest message from the list a huge mess.

This week, I will unsubscribe from this list and delete the folder in my email. And then I just might cry tears of joy and/or do a happy dance.


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