It’s been a while since the last post-Sunday post (and even longer since a church-related post-Sunday post)! It’s not that there haven’t been blog-worthy stories from recent Sundays, it’s just that I have lacked the wherewithal and/or the time to post them. However, today’s post was just too much to pass over.

A bit of back story… despite what some folks might say, I am NOT a jumpy person. However, I am quite easily startled, and I’m pretty sure this has to do with the focus with which I do certain tasks (and the ability to block you and the rest of the world out in order to get something done). Thus, there are times when I’m a bit oblivious and am generally surprised to find another person nearby or standing right next to me. Only slightly related, but it seems worth mentioning here… Worship Pastor seems to take inordinate joy in surprising people, and has been known to hang out in office closets for many minutes in order to terrify scare someone (no really, true story). He has, on many occasions, scared or surprised me, either intentionally or unintentionally, as have many others…

In any event, yesterday, during the second service, I was diligently mixing at the sound board and watching our worship timers (we had a lot going on yesterday, but that would take a completely separate post to detail), and I had just looked up to check out our band on stage (cf. previously mentioned focus). Unbeknownst to me, College Pastor entered the booth and positioned his face near my shoulder. When I inadvertently looked around, I was staring directly at him. To say this startled me would be an understatement; further, in response, I screamed – like someone-was-trying-to-attack-me screamed or I-just-palmed-a-hot-iron screamed.

If the screaming was a reflex (and it most certainly was), the immediate move to duck behind the sound board was somewhere in between a wise decision and a reflex. Simultaneously, College Pastor, apparently quite amused with himself, fell onto the ground in hysterical laughter. This was convenient for both of us, as there was no one to see, had anyone turned around to find out what all the racket had been.

Two related items of import:
1. We were in the middle of a song with the entire band playing, so I have no idea exactly how many folks heard the scream.
2. When I recounted this story over the headset to the other folks in the booth, High School Computer Gal (who was upstairs in the booth) said something to the effect of “I’m pretty sure I heard that… I just thought someone was really getting into the song…” I think I’m gonna go with that explanation should anyone ask about it.

I’m strongly considering getting Helper Elf to stand guard at the booth door for security purposes going forward…


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