Happy Friday Music Fun: Son Volt version

I’m going to see Son Volt tonight. After iconic alternative country band Uncle Tupelo broke up in 1994, Jeff Tweedy formed Wilco, and Jay Farrar formed Son Volt. Although both of these bands have experienced success, I think it’s fair to say that Wilco has fared a great deal better (in many ways). However, Son Volt released Honky Tonk last month, and is now touring to support that album. I’ve only seen them play live once, in addition to seeing Jay Farrar live once, so I’m excited for tonight.

Two bits of related information:

1. Sometimes I’m an idiot and I just can’t help it. Last weekend, I purchased my ticket for the show online, and headed to Atlanta — only to realize, upon my arrival at the venue, that the show is tonight. Duh.

2. Uncle Tupelo was/is a great band. Despite the fact that my dissertation will, in some ways, attempt to decenter the alt.country narrative away from this band, they’re still in my Top Ten.

So here’s some Son Volt and Uncle Tupelo for your Friday enjoyment…

Son Volt’s “Hearts and Minds” off the new album:

And Uncle Tupelo’s take on the Gram Parsons/Flying Burrito Brothers song “Sin City” (which sort of begs for an intertextual/framing academic discussion, and won’t happen here right now):

Happy Friday, y’all


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