SXSW, part one

I went to SXSW and survived! This survival is due in no small part to the kindness and hospitality of Piano Friend and his Roommate. Piano Friend let me have his room (and car) even though he was out of town most of the week, and Roommate (having met me briefly one time a couple of weeks ago when I was visiting) was so nice and helpful… and even made me coffee in the mornings. I know, right?!? Seriously, these are just two more folks I’m blessed and privileged to know, and can’t say enough how much I appreciate them!

I was lucky enough to get an artist wristband, but really, I only needed it a few times. In some respects, it was kind of wasted on me, but I certainly felt cool wearing it all week!


Why didn’t the wristband get used to its fullest? Because at any given moment there were at least 3 million Things going on, and only 1 million of those Things were official. I regret that I never made it to any of the panels in the convention center, nor did I take advantage of the Artists Lounge.

So what DID I do all week? I pretty much stuck to my plan, and here are some highlights…


What I learned on Tuesday is that having a car greatly enhances one’s South By experience. I may have waited a couple of hours for a bus, which kind of negated my “don’t stay out too late” plan. I know South By is the exception, and it’s probably an unfair comparison, but Capital Metro is no CTA. Since Piano Friend had left me his car to use, on Wednesday, I did some driving.


Wednesday night was the Bloodshot showcase at the Continental Club on South Congress. Another great venue, I heard from some Austinites, this is a club with a lot of history, and the owners have kept it up quite well. It has a nice retro vibe, and a great sign behind the stage, and classic neon sign outside. The Bloodshot line-up was strong: Luke Winslow-King, Murder By Death, Deadstring Brothers, Lydia Loveless, JC Brooks and the Uptown Sound, and the Waco Brothers.


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