Back to Texas or Trying to devise a plan for SXSW…

The plan for my trip to SXSW has become increasingly complex. From what I’ve heard, that’s sort of how SXSW works, but the logistics surrounding the trip have become equally involved. Early next week, I’ll drive my car to a MARTA station, take a train to the airport, fly to Houston to see the Grand Master of Discourse for approximately five minutes hours, take the megabus to Austin, find my way to Piano Friend’s apartment, and then head to the Convention Center to pick up my pass (a pass that indicates that I am a member of ROCK BAND, thank you very much).

And then the REAL fun begins. It’s pretty overwhelming to look at the 3 million different shows happening at any given moment during SXSW, and that’s not counting the 2 million unofficial events going on at the same time. I’m thankful that the Bloodshot events are locked in and non-negotiable; meaning Wednesday night (the showcase) and the daytime hours on Friday (the annual unofficial party at Yard Dog) are set.

After these events, I’m trying to keep a few things in mind:

  1. I have to go to The White Horse, The Broken Spoke, and the ACL Theater at some point.
  2. When in doubt, see Bloodshot bands.
  3. See “legends” and/or folks it would normally cost an arm/leg to see, or bands that I would be unlikely to see anytime soon, cf. Emmylou Harris, Richard Thompson, etc.

Even with these guides, working out the schedule is kinda crazy. I’m devising a plan, but I’m aware that it’s likely to change. I think that’s the approach to take for the week. And as long as I make it to the aforementioned Bloodshot events, I’ll consider the week a success. Anything else is just icing.


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