Post & Pre-Texas

It’s kind of strange to be visiting a (non-Chicago) place twice in one month, but that’s what’s happening. It’s also strange that I wasn’t at church on Sunday (last year, I missed five Sundays), but I was told that all was well–not surprising since our team is pretty much awesome.

Last week, I went to Austin, Texas for a conference at the University of Texas, and next week, I’m heading to Austin for South by Southwest. Back when I was considering grad school for a piano degree, I applied at UT and reallyreallyreally liked Austin. So much so that I was convinced that I would end up there for a DMA in piano after my Masters (once the money didn’t work out for a UT Masters).

But things change. And Athens, Georgia won me over. And teaching piano lessons full-time did not. So my second visit to Austin, Texas (this time as a musicologist), I was appropriately impressed with the city, but not completely swept off my feet. Granted, I didn’t see a TON of the city, but I did get to go to Veggie Heaven, and I got to see Bertha (a very large bass drum made for the University of Chicago and later purchased for $1 for the Longhorn Band). It’s a lovely, hip city, and I’m sure I’ll have a better feel for it after next week.

The conference was great. I presented, and got some good feedback and ideas for my research. I also got to see a few conference friends, not to mention fun times traveling with two great musicology ladies. Plus, we got to visit with a formerly-of-Athens piano friend who is now in Austin (who is also providing lodging for my Austin 2 trip)! Piano Friend also directed us to a great Thai food truck (there are lots of food trucks in Austin), and an amazing Indian restaurant.

Unfortunately, I didn’t take any official tours, but here are a few photos from my trip.


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