Could someone get that?

This weekend and week have involved a bunch of extra stuff on the calendar, making my days seem simultaneously long and super short, if that’s at all possible. Generally, the piano teacher stuff in my life is fairly low key, except around recital time, but there was a special piano event on Saturday of this week AND a student competition all day on Sunday. Plus, I also gave the pre-concert lecture for the Atlanta Symphony performance at our Performing Arts Center on Sunday. We also had our musicology student symposium today; our last special Wednesday night prayer service at the church tonight, and oh, I’m going to Austin, Texas tomorrow. Whew!

So obviously, I’m watching basketball, not revising my conference paper, not packing, and blogging about it. And since I didn’t post an official post-Sunday post, here’s a combo post-Sunday/post-Wednesday post…

On Sunday, Youth Pastor was in our room advertising an upcoming youth event, and was on screen in the Other Room via video. Apparently, (and I admit, I only heard about this over the headset during the this time), a phone rang in the Other Room. While this probably isn’t all that uncommon in a room packed full of people, it’s not all that common when the phone ringing is in a bag on stage. As I was told, it was Sanctuary Worship Leader’s bag, and in the middle of the announcements, he picked up his bag (and ringing phone) and walked it off stage. Better that than to let it keep ringing, I guess? For the record, we do include this image in our announcements…


For the past few Wednesdays, we’ve been having special Wednesday evening prayer services at the church. These services have been really creative and diverse in terms of planning and programming (thanks to Youth Pastor and College Pastor), and have been a lot of fun (and maybe a little work) to be a part of. I’ve mentioned that we use quite a few Apple products in our services, and generally both Worship Pastor’s and my laptops are in commission during any service. We also both have Messages set up on our laptops, so whenever we receive texts, they show up as a notification on our phones AND laptops. This is quite convenient, and can basically turn text conversations into chat (if you’re ever wondering how in the world I can respond SO quickly to your text, I just might be typing it on my laptop keyboard).

There’s also a nifty sound effect that alerts you when you receive a new message on the laptop. But when your laptop is connected to a sound system, that nifty sound effect for incoming messages alerts everyone in the room that you’ve received a message. Like tonight, when I received a couple of texts during the pre-service music, and Worship Pastor received a text during the service. I suppose we should investigate disabling the feature during church services 🙂


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