I went to Charleston a couple of weeks ago for a conference. It was my first visit to the city, and I really liked it. I’m not sure when I’ll make it back, but I hope it’s soon! The conference was nice and small-ish, so I got to meet some new people, and (sort of) surprisingly ran into a couple of Conference Friends (the people one meets and sees only at conferences). My presentation/panel had approximately four people in attendance, but it was a good run-through since I’ll be revising the presentation for a bigger conference in Austin later this month.

One of my Dear Friends was able to join me for a couple of days. Since I didn’t get my boat tour in New Orleans back in November, I opted to skip out on some conference goings on one afternoon, and we took a historical tour AND a boat tour out to Fort Sumter. Although it was a wee bit colder than I’d prefer, both tours were incredibly interesting and informative. Really, I love taking these tours! Also, at the suggestion of a South Carolinian friend & former roomie, we went to Hominy Grill for dinner. It was wonderful. So wonderful, that we opted to take a pedicab back to the hotel instead of walk!


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