Not procrastinating!

My birthday was earlier this week. In the category of “Birthday Celebration,” I had an excess of calories, quality time with amazing friends, and a great weekend. All of these things combined to make my faux 27th birthday pretty awesome.

As another conference is here, I was prepared to head to Columbia, South Carolina tonight (en route to Charleston for the conference tomorrow) to visit with some friends. However, crazy weather thwarted my plans, and I’ll leave early tomorrow morning instead.

Here’s the Thing about that. I was prepared to leave my house today at 5:00 p.m., which means my paper was in an acceptable state, the prezi was completed (but for a few tweaks), and I was all packed for the trip. Which means I have nothing to procrastinate tonight (well, except for that whole Writing a Dissertation thing), and it’s kinda strange. Which means that I’m blogging, revising the paper, and obsessively tweaking the prezi.

Maybe I should unpack and re-pack at 2:00 a.m. tonight just to make it seem like a regular trip…


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