So says Hannibal Smith of A-Team fame. 

I’m currently planning three trips: one to Charleston, SC, and two different trips to Austin, TX. Charleston is for a conference, Austin 1 is for a conference, and Austin 2 is for South by SouthwestFor each of these trips, I’m working with friends (that I haven’t seen in a long time) who live in these locations to meet up and catch up, including my first Athens, GA roommate and the Grand Master of Discourse! It’s very exciting.

In spite of all of this excitement, I find myself in a familiar place… checking flights obsessively, and not willing to commit. I always think my plans might change so I should wait a little while longer, and then I think the prices just might be cheaper tomorrow. Or the next day. However, I have a feeling that flights to Texas will not get much cheaper than what AirTran and Southwest are offering right now, so I KNOW I should just go ahead and book the flights. But I’m also a professional procrastinator, so maybe I’ll do it tomorrow.


3 thoughts on “Plans

  1. “Just do it” as the Nike commercial says . . . Old saying, “The happiest people are those with a Plan B.” In short, absolutely nothing turns out the way we expect or plan. In fact, just about every expectation you have is a preconceived or premeditated resentment waiting to happen (at least that’s been my experience). Consequently, I try not to concern myself with the “external” (people, places, and things), i.e., that which I can’t control . . . and focus on my attitude, which I control completely. Related to what you wrote – you’ve already done the research and homework, so make a decision and live with it.

    By the by, you’re not the “Lone Ranger,” i.e., many people do the same thing you described above. That you for your post . . . You write well!

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