Insert clever title here

I’ve been in a small battle against chest congestion of late, and though I’m holding my own, it’s left me lacking wherewithal (and a title for this blog post). On second thought, it could just be that I watched a crazy football game yesterday afternoon instead of honoring the sacred Sunday Afternoon Nap. Either way, we’ll be short and sweet here.

We were back to two rooms/four services yesterday, and thankfully, it wasn’t too crazy. Well, the first service in our room was a little wonky, but nothing too bad. I’ve mentioned that we use loops here before. The loops vary in complexity, ranging from a nearly full track of neat sounds to a rather dull-but-meaty (synth or string) pad sound.

We were using the latter version in a couple of songs in our set, and they got a bit mixed up. So as Acoustic Guitar began strumming the intro to one song, the pad sound came in… but it was the wrong track and subsequently in the wrong key. Very wrong. After less than three or four beats, I not-too-slowly faded the volume of the pad sound and kept it out of the mix.

We’ve had one other incident of dissonance that I recall in the relatively recent past, and really, a little dissonance never hurt anyone, right? Well, unless you count that whole riot thing at the Rite of Spring premier… thankfully, no one in our service opted for catcalls and violence.


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