Full house

The past couple of weeks have been lovely and relaxing. Last week in particular, I spent a great deal of time cleaning up and cleaning out, and since the rest of the time was spent lounging about, I also consider it a great accomplishment to have taken a car full of Stuff to the local thrift store. Also, an accomplishment? I played the piano and/or my piano was played for fun more in the past few weeks than in the entire year (not that piano lessons are not fun, but you know). On more than one occasion while entertaining in my home over the holidays, I made them invited friends to take advantage of my one piano, six hands repertoire. And take advantage, they did!

A violinist, a musicologist, and an oboist sit down at a piano...

A violinist, a musicologist, and an oboist sit down at a piano…

Pianists playing the piano!

Pianists playing the piano!*

They even let ME play! My hands are the small-ish ones in this photo.

They even let ME play! My hands are the small-ish ones in this photo, and no, I never really played a lot of Rachmaninoff…

*In the latter two photos, we’re playing through Gurlitt’s Six Pieces for Six Hands edited by Weekley and Arganbright. A few of the pieces are quite lovely, and I’m hoping to have my students play them this semester.

As relaxing as the break was, all my grown-up, responsible stuff started back this week. Today was the first day of class and even though I don’t really “go to class” anymore, I still have to register. We had staff meeting at the church, and my piano lessons started back today. Yesterday at church, we were in one room, and it was packed. We were literally overflowing, and I saw more than a few people sitting on the floor. One perk of being in the booth, I suppose, is that one is most generally guaranteed a seat on days like that. One non-perk of sitting near the booth, is that one will likely hear me talking at times when one generally shouldn’t be talking during church. As there was a bit of chaos (what with all the people everywhere), at one point, I’m fairly certain I was using a louder-than-inside-voice to communicate with some folks trying to find a seat. Not to mention, there were people sitting directly in front of me during the entire service. Sorry ’bout that.

It was a full (literally, figuratively) day, and I was really glad to see everyone. While I was at church last week, a lot of our team were away helping out at Passion, so it was great to have everyone back.

Now it seems that I have to Write a Dissertation. I’ll let you know how that goes. But in the meantime, I have to write a conference paper for a conference at the end of the month, and Advisor seems to think I should have a draft of it for her to read really, really soon. Which, of course, is crazy, since I could totally put that off at least a couple more weeks! 🙂


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