Post-Sunday, Post Chicago (again)

I’ve traveled more in the past year than I’ve traveled in my entire life. I don’t think that’s really true, but it feels that way. Also, considering how many times I’ve been on an airplane, I can’t believe that I haven’t qualified for AirTran’s elite status (although, had I *only* flown AirTran this year, I’d be pretty close). In any event, I went to Chicago (yes, again) for a few days last week. The primary reason for the trip was to interview a couple of folks (yes, more interviews to transcribe), and to attend a show. It was a fast trip, but it was great to see folks and catch up with the friends I’ve made in the city. I’m so thankful (yes, again) for Fabulous Chicago Actor and Amazingly Talented Husband for letting me stay with them even though they’re in the midst of a crazy, busy time in their lives.

I have a few particular things that I like to do while I’m in the city, but I’m always pleasantly surprised when something new pops up for me (and it always seems to). This trip, it was the Christkindlmarket at Daley Plaza. Coming from the airport, I decided to stop off in the loop to eat and maybe shop and/or buy some new shoes, when I stumbled on the market. It was quite lovely, and when I saw the souvenir mug, I had to get one!

I got back in town late Saturday night. It was a really short sleep, and Sunday morning came quite soon. Sunday morning was relatively uneventful, but I did find a moment to reflect on how awesome our team is. We’re having an event at the church in a week or so, and one of the ways we’ve been promoting it is with inserts in our bulletins (this is the paper handout you receive upon entering a church that lists announcements, classes, general goings on, and sometimes even the service order or sermon notes). I don’t know the *exact* number of bulletins we have each week, but I’m guessing it’s at least seven or eight hundred.

I needed to get the inserts into the bulletins before the general population began showing up, so I started asking for help. My first volunteer didn’t really have a choice, as it was the child of our Sanctuary Sound Guy (he did a great job, but I’m pretty sure he didn’t think it was fun). The next group of people I started asking was our worship team who had a slight break during rehearsal. Although these folks had already arrived early that morning, they were more than willing to do this seemingly menial task. I have a feeling some musicians at (larger) churches could easily get the rock star treatment and also exhibit a bit of diva behavior, but I’m incredibly thankful for the great attitudes of our team!


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