Who Turned Out the Lights?

Technically, it’s still post-Sunday. It’s just a little more post- than usual. The busy-ness of December is beginning to take over, not to mention another (yes, another) fellowship application deadline, plus I’m heading back to Chicago in a day and a half… and well, yeah. So here’s the post-Sunday post that was supposed to show up on Monday!

It’s never a good sign when all of your Christmas lights go out simultaneously. It’s even worse when other lights go out along with your Christmas lights. But it’s just bad news when your electric guitar amp goes out along with your other lights and your Christmas lights. And when this happens in the middle of the music set in your church service, well, the production lady throws her hands up in the air and laughs out loud starts running around checking breakers.

The morning had been busy, but by the time we got started, I felt really good about the service. Well, until about fifteen minutes into the first service, when the Christmas lights and LEDs on stage all went out. Then I noticed that our Asian Apprentice playing lead guitar walked off stage. I knew it was a breaker that had been tripped (we meet in a gym after all…), but I wasn’t sure which one it was. I went and checked the easiest-to-access breaker box, and all was well. The next breakers I thought of were right beside Church Attenders (remember, this was during our song set), but thankfully, these Attenders were friends, so I just scooted around them to check those breakers. And they were fine.

My last option was toward the front of the room. The only catch was I couldn’t remember where on the wall that box was, and our walls are all covered with curtains. I knew it was near a beam, but there were lots of Church Attenders in that area, and I was on a countdown. My options were to go up to that section and start feeling around the wall for the breaker box, or leave it alone and worry about it once our two rooms were synced up.

I opted for the latter. And it all worked out fine. Worship Pastor waited until an opportune moment in the service, and fairly inconspicuously flipped the breaker.

All of these goings on were pretty absurd, but as I was wandering around (in our darker than usual room) checking breakers, I heard Worship Pastor begin to introduce the last song of the set, and he opened with, “Jesus is the light in the darkness…” and I laughed out loud. He’s funny sometimes. Hopefully, we’ll keep the lights on this Sunday.


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