Today was supposed to be an easy morning. Tall Sound Guy was around, we had no syncing song, and there was nothing in the service that was out of the ordinary. Generally, all of these things would combine to make for a straightforward sort of day. While the day worked out great eventually, most of the morning was a little bit crazy. I definitely ran around more than usual, and lots of things were just wacky.

The countdown timer can usually give me an idea of what sort of morning I’m having. For instance, if the timer says 19 or 20 minutes, and I’m walking, then my morning has likely been without incident and things are happening as they should. However, if the timer is in single digits, and I’m jogging/running/sprinting somewhere, then most likely, you should get out of my way (I’ve been known to inadvertently run over folks). This morning, I looked at the timer, it was under ten minutes, and I still had at least seven things to do in three different locations. Later, the timer was under three minutes, I was sprinting, and still hadn’t gotten everything done.

Thankfully, I had help aplenty, and everyone still had great attitudes despite the wackiness. Helper Elf, Sanctuary Sound Guy (and his unsuspecting friend/guest), Tall Sound Guy, et al. all made the morning much better. By the middle of the second service, I felt like things had sort of settled in, and since there were a few visitors in the booth, I decided to take a photo for the #boothtweet. Really, sometimes the Apprentices are well-behaved, and then other times… well, see for yourselves.

I couldn’t bring myself to use the second pic for the #boothtweet today because, well, just because it’s so completely ridiculous. But at the urging of College Pastor, I decided I couldn’t keep it to myself.

And in other news, I’m heading to Puerto Rico in hours from now. By the time this is posted, I’ll hopefully be boarding a plane. But for now, I’m using the blog to procrastinate packing. I don’t recommend this sort of tactic. Remember, I’m a professional.


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