Lay Me Down

Yesterday, we ended our services with a song called “Lay Me Down” from the latest Passion album (Passion: White Flag, 2012). Apparently one of our camera guys took this literally, as we had a mishap right at the beginning of the first service in the Sanctuary that resulted in our camera guy on the ground, and the camera nearly on the ground. Not surprisingly, this caused a bit of a ruckus in that service, but Sanctuary Worship Leader kept everything under control! Thankfully, everyone and everything was OK, but I should probably confess a couple of things:

1. I refused to believe Computer Papabear when he told me what had happened, and maybe spent about thirty seconds saying, “You’re kidding. You’re totally kidding, right?!?” For the record, I’m pretty sure that would not have been a funny joke anyway.


2. I may have asked if the camera was OK before I asked about camera guy.

To be fair, we had about five minutes before the image captured by THAT camera was supposed to show up on the screen in both rooms. And if that wasn’t going to work, then we needed a new plan. And quick. And I DID eventually ask about camera guy. I was extremely glad that our Camera Expert was serving as Sanctuary Sound Guy and was able to help get things aright.

Aside from that, I was glad to be back after missing last Sunday, and to make up for two weeks’ worth of booth tweets, here are a few pics from yesterday.


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