Post-Sunday post: NOLA version

I just returned from the AMS/SEM/SMT conference that was held in New Orleans. It was my very first visit to New Orleans and Louisiana, and while I had a great time and was mostly fascinated by the city, I didn’t fall in love with it (Lexington, Nashville, and Chicago still have my heart, and of course, Athens has my heart and physical being).

I did not present at the conference, but I got to see a lot of friends and colleagues. I had a chance to talk to and catch up with a few of them, but unfortunately, I only waved at some from a distance due to the overwhelming number of events, activities, and panels. I wasn’t exactly a diligent attender of panels, but I did attend my fair share. Unfortunately, there weren’t any panels that directly related to my research, and only a few that obliquely related to what I’m doing. Except for a panel on old-time fiddling, there were no panels on country music (!). Casting the net a bit broader, I attended most of the (interesting-to-me) popular music panels, and a couple of panels on evangelical Christian worship music. And for the all the others, the hashtag #musicon12 made for some entertainment during the not-so-awesome papers.

I always hate missing a Sunday at church (especially since this was the second Sunday I’ve missed this semester), but I left the booth in completely capable hands! I found it quite odd to be sitting in a conference room in a hotel on Canal Street in New Orleans on a Sunday morning hearing a scholar discuss mediated worship music, watching a youtube video of “Blessed Be Your Name,” and hearing a description of ProPresenter. I kept thinking how funny it would be if PowerPoint crashed during the discussion of Pro (hashtag churchtechteamhumor).

Our flight out of NOLA was late-ish, so we had the afternoon to sightsee. Unfortunately, my hopes of a sight-seeing Steamboat Cruise on the Mississippi were thwarted by rain. Lots of rain. In any event, we had a lovely, delicious, and leisurely lunch at the Green Goddess, which helped to alleviate some of the disappointment.

Considering that New Orleans is on Central Time, we “fell back” for Daylight Saving Central Time, and returned to Eastern Daylight Saving Time, I’m still a little confused. Combined with the trip from last week to Nashville, I’m quite glad to not travel this week!

And finally, here are some random pics from the New Orleans trip…


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