Two years

One year ago yesterday in this post, I speculated that the annual Georgia-Florida football game would likely serve to remind me of comps and a subsequent roadtrip to Jacksonville. And if the past two years are any indication, then I am fulfilling this prophecy. I find it somehow appropriate that during this year’s game (formerly known as The World’s Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party), I was in Nashville interviewing some (formerly of Chicago) folks for my research.

I interviewed two different individuals at two different East Nashville coffee shops on Saturday afternoon. For various reasons, I was a little nervous about both of these, but my anxiety was completely unfounded. Both individuals were incredibly nice, and remarkably, both had new and different perspectives about Bloodshot and Chicago music than most of the folks I’ve already spoken with. As I pulled out the lovely city of Nashville, I had the brief and passing thought that I may actually write a dissertation, and that it may actually be interesting (it was brief, and I’m not letting it go to my head, because then I remembered that this nearly three hours of audio adds on to the billions of hours of interviews I still haven’t transcribed).

Last year, I was a little disappointed that I hadn’t made a ton of academic/dissertation progress. Well, this year, I completed and defended the prospectus, presented at a bunch of conferences and traveled quite a bit, and am pretty close to wrapping up the interviews and ethnography for the dissertation. And it seems that I have a realistic timeline to write a dissertation and graduate (and no, it’s not exactly soon, cf. billions of hours of interviews). So while transcribing isn’t necessarily happening (it will, it will, it HAS to, sigh), progress is being made.

But what might be even more exciting than all of this? Georgia now has a two-game winning streak against Florida, and Kentucky basketball is showing up on my DVR. Go Dawgs and Go Cats!


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