Two hours really makes all the difference

Our worship team usually gets to church a lot earlier than you do. Most weeks, we arrive an hour and a half before services begin, but some weeks we arrive two or two and a half hours before services begin. In over ten years, I can count on one hand the number of Sunday morning services that I’ve attended my church as a Normal Church Attender, and I’m pretty sure this hasn’t happened in recent memory.

So yesterday, I had to leave in the middle of our first service to deliver some items to another church. This Leaving made for a bit of a crazy morning, but it was the returning that was even more wacky. When I returned it was around the time that Not Late Normal Church Attenders arrive for our second services (or third and fourth services, depending on how you’re keeping track).

When our team arrives at the church, all of the parking lots generally look like this:

But yesterday when I was returning (as the masses were arriving), there was a nice steady line of traffic turning in to our property, and our parking lots pretty much looked like this everywhere:

I’ve mentioned that I’m not above cutting in line when needed, and I seriously considered parking right by the doors, and leaving my car in everyone else’s way. But I thought better of this and parked far away, and made it back into the booth with about 9 minutes to spare before the second service began.

While I imagine there’s a certain beauty and joy in arriving at my church at the appointed start time or later (sleeping in, breakfast, leisurely mornings, what have you), there is also value in arriving two hours early and knowing there’s a parking spot waiting just for you.


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