Magic word

I seem to be the go-to person at my church for some really random things. Part of this can be blamed on Worship Pastor for knowing and doing so many random (and not-so-random) things; but otherwise, I think it has to do with the fact that I’ve been around for a hundred years, not to mention I’m quite centrally located each week.

I have been asked about Bibles in Spanish, the thermostat, lost items (every week), special events, our website, and sign-ups for just about anything, among many, many other topics. I am also (mostly) the person who keeps our iMacs and software up-to-date, which means I am the Guardian of the Wifi Password for the room we’re in every week (a password that has been the same for over a year, maybe even two or more).

On Wednesday of last week, I changed this password. It was time. And SO MANY people (ok, like twelve) asked me for the new password throughout the morning. A couple of them were trying to access streaming video for their Sunday School teaching classes, but the rest of the folks just seemed completely shocked that they couldn’t get online via their mobile devices. When more than one person demanded, “I need the wifi password!” I really wanted to respond, “Well, what’s the magic word?” But I didn’t.

I had been thinking I should change the password regularly, like every month or every other month, and now I think I most certainly will… and keep everyone on their toes. I just need to remember to do it on a week when Tall Sound Guy is around.


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