Challenge accepted!

If you’ve read a post-Sunday post before, you know there’s always a ton of stuff going on behind the scenes (or right beside you, if you sit next to the booth) during any given service. Sometimes the things are frantic (I’m freaking out and yelling about any number of things); sometimes the things are really funny (like that one time Bass Guitar changed his shirt in the middle of a service); and sometimes the things are random (like all the chit-chat that goes on in the booth). Yesterday’s story fits into the latter two categories.

Youth Pastor was recruited to do the welcome-we’re-glad-you’re-here part of the 9:30 service. Before the service began, he asked me and Tall Sound Guy for a random word; I said “chair” and TSG said “pear” (or maybe he said “pair,” darn homonyms). Youth Pastor said he would incorporate them into his brief talk on stage. And wouldn’t you know it, in his 90 or so seconds on stage, he said both words in a normal, non-I’m-working-to-use-these-two-random-words kind of way!

Now we just need to get College Pastor (who often does this part in the 11 service) on board for this new weekly feature, The Welcome Challenge!


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