Play it again: Murder by Death

I had a post-Sunday post drafted for yesterday, complete with stories and pictures and happiness… but then the day got away from me. And now, I lack the resolve and/or wherewithal to edit that post, so you’re left with this random post for now.

Very high on my List of Favorite Things to Do is listen to music on public transportation. As you might imagine, this happens mostly when I’m not in the South. Conversely, this happens rarely when I’m in the South (taking UGA campus transit to class is the exception, but I’m often preparing for class when I’m on that bus, which kind of negates the Listening to Music thing). To compensate, I’m convinced the only real reason I go to the gym is so that I can listen to music (other than the fact that I’m old and my doctor yells at me encourages it). When else can you try not to die and listen to whatever music you want?!?

So in my last visit to the gym, it’s possible that I listened to the same song for the entire time I was there. And it’s also slightly possible that this is the same song I’ve been listening to on repeat for the past two weeks (literally). I. Can. Not. Stop. I think I might have a problem.

The song is “Lost River” by Murder by Death off their latest album Bitter Drink, Bitter Moon that came out on Bloodshot last week. You can download the song legally and for free (!) from Bloodshot or here, and read a review of the song here. Also, you can read about Murder by Death’s most clever Kickstarter campaign here. I’m choosing not to get all musicology-y about this song yet, and instead shall continue to listen to it again and again until I don’t want to anymore.


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