Remember that one time when I went to Chicago?

I went to Chicago last week. This is not necessarily remarkable, since my dissertation topic is located in that city; not to mention that in the past year and a quarter, I’ve been there a total of almost two months (!) over five different trips. What IS remarkable is that the bulk of the work that needed to happen IN Chicago is pretty much completed (seriously? surely not?!?). Before I start freaking out about that too much, there are still a few items that remain on my research to-do list… I have a couple of interviews that I’d like to do in person with (formerly of Chicago) individuals (who currently reside) in Nashville, and I’m also planning to go to South by Southwest in Austin in March for the Bloodshot Showcase and annual party at Yard Dog Art Gallery. Finally, there’s one more event in Chicago that happens in December that I’d very much like to attend (but isn’t absolutely necessary for me to attend).

I’m not sure about you, but I find this information to be slightly alarming and altogether disappointing. I have gotten quite good at going to Chicago and meeting people, interviewing people, hanging out, going to shows, and liking the city. And as has been documented here on the blog, I haven’t been very good about transcribing interviews, and I certainly don’t know nothin’ ’bout writin’ no dissertations…*

But I’m getting ahead of myself. This past trip to Chicago was grand; cold, but grand. I’ve already raved about the Hoyle Brothers at the Empty Bottle (and that’s only slightly related to my project)! The Bloodshot party was great fun with great music; not to mention I knew quite a few folks there, and again, it was kind of like sitting at the cool kids table, since all of the people I knew were with the label and/or performing, etc. As an aside here, the nice gestures from these folks just don’t stop: one of the Bloodshot artists went out of his way to remember me AND pre-emptively contact me with information about something we had talked about before I had the chance to email him about it. Just lovely, really.

I finally got access to a VCR to watch this fabulously kitschy awful/awesome public television country music show (THANK YOU for sharing your VCRs, Columbia College Chicago!), and I spent some quality time at Bloodshot. One particular appointment/research endeavor didn’t quite work out as I had planned, and I decided to abandon ship on that one for now… but it could still work out, after all. Time will tell with all that.

Here are some photos from the trip. These are nine random photos that in no way completely characterize the trip, but I think they’re all pretty fun…

Happy Friday, y’all!

*This is a reference to a film. If you don’t know the reference, it’s completely fine. We just probably can’t be friends anymore.


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