Post-Sunday, Post-Chicago…

Today’s post Sunday post is actually a post-Chicago post. I got back to Georgia late last night, and hit the ground running, so to speak. Sometimes procrastinating isn’t necessarily the best way to go about things, and since I procrastinated pretty successfully prior to going out of town, I’m paying for it now. Overall, the trip was great. Not everything went exactly as planned; some things worked out better than expected, while others were less than ideal. I will reflect and share more details about Chicago, research, etc. in a day or two, but for now, here is a list I came up with while flying back to Georgia.

Things I do in Chicago that I don’t/rarely do in Georgia:

  • Use public transportation
  • Walk up to a half-mile in the wrong direction on any given day and/or multiple times on any given day
  • Strike up conversations with strangers/musicians, often knowing their entire career prior to the conversation
  • Gamble (a Friday afternoon Bloodshot tradition)
  • Walk into a church service at or near it’s appointed start time
  • Listen to recorded music. A lot. Mostly this happens in relation to those first two items up there; Probably can’t accurately communicate the great joy I take in listening to music while riding the train…
  • Catch glimpses of the Chicago skyline and love it even more
  • Honky-tonk happy hour at the Empty Bottle with the Hoyle Brothers. I am CERTAIN there is no way I can communicate how much this event/time/band/atmosphere speaks to me. No way. But I lovelovelove it. I told Fabulous Chicago Actor that there’s not a Friday afternoon that passes that I don’t think of the Hoyle Brothers and the Empty Bottle at least once. Seriously.

Once again, extra special thanks to Fabulous Chicago Actor and Amazingly Talented Husband for their kindness and hospitality; to Bloodshot and associated folks for being so awesome and nice; and if you’re in the Chicago area, please go to the Empty Bottle on Fridays at 5:30 and love it appropriately.


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